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Best Type Of Roof Coatings

The five most popular types of coating are built-up roofs, torch on roofs, membranes, rubber coating and liquids.

A built-up roof is comprised of multiple layers of plastic material. After each layer of of plastic is applied, a layer of tar or gravel and roofing compound is added. Built-up roofing is a popular coating because it is the least expensive method; however, it is also difficult to install.

Torch on roof coatings are just like any other self-adherent roof coating, except that during the installation process, workers use a blow torch to heat the material, thus forming a strong seal.

Membrane roof coatings are typically made of synthetic rubber. These coatings are made of large, flat pieces of material which are welded together at the seams. Other materials used to make membrane roof coatings include polyvinyl chloride, which is similar to synthetic rubber coatings, but do not form a continuous seam, and modified bitumen, which is made from is made from asphalt and a variety of modifiers and solvents.

Rubber coatings are typically applied to older roof tops that need to be modernized. A thin layer of rubber is rolled over the entire surface forming a strong water proof coating; however, it is an expensive roof coating and it is very thin.

Liquid roofing is the process of waterproofing a roof by the application of a specialist liquid roof coating. It works for coating on all types of roofs. Liquid roofing is very coast effective. It is far less expensive than other roof restoration methods and can extend the life of a roof by 25 years. Liquid roof coatings are highly effective. Finally, because the installation process does not require the use of hot works, the installation of a liquid roof coating is much safer than other methods.

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